Gay Morning America, Season 2, Show 4



Gay Morning America, Season 2, Show 4




Original airdate: 7 Nov. 1984
Runtime: 00:57:27

Show order:
(00:00:39) opening credits (announcing special guests: Joni Rapp, Johnny De Maio, and Gordon Malone);
(00:01:46) show opening with host George Sardi;
(00:02:30) Community News Awards at Waverly with Johnny Savoy (fea. Harvey Fierstein);
(00:08:46) Waverly Gay Hotlines commercial;
(00:09:20) Peeches Three commercial;
(00:10:08) morning exercise with Lord Byron;
(00:17:48) The Follies commercial;
(00:19:13) Girl Talk with Lynn Lavner;
(00:25:59) The Monster commercial;
(00:27:02) Sports Interview with Jerry Fitzpatrick featuring Gordon Malone;
(00:31:36) cocktail recipes with Johnny Pool;
(00:40:30) theater review Waverly with Leslie Irons;
(00:45:19) Waverly commercial;
(00:45:22) performance by Joni Rapp;
(00:51:10) George Sardi interviews Joni Rapp;
(00:54:51) closing credits.


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