Rudy Grillo Moving Image #9B [NYC Council Hearing – Gay Rights Bill Intro #2, March 11, 1986 – WNYC TV]



Rudy Grillo Moving Image #9B [NYC Council Hearing – Gay Rights Bill Intro #2, March 11, 1986 – WNYC TV]




New York City Council Hearing of the Gay Rights Bill Intro #2. The bill was introduced to ban discrimination in New York City on the basis of sexual orientation in housing, employment, and public accommodations. The bill was eventually passed on March 21, 1986.
Originally broadcasted on March 11, 1986 on WNYC TV, hosted by Ken Auletta.
Second of three videos depicting the City Council Hearing, led by City Council Chairman, Samuel Horwitz.

Slight audio/visual distortion.
Runtime: 02:29:20

Video segments depict:
(00:00:00) End of speech from Douglas White, N.Y.S Commissioner of Human Rights, rep. Gov. Cuomo;
(00:00:05) Commentary from WNYC, Ken Auletta;
(00:00:49) Question from Councilman Danny Farrow, continued answer from Douglas White;
(00:02:00) Speech from Rabbi Yehuda Levin;
(00:06:35) Commentary from WNYC, Ken Auletta;
(00:07:12) Speech from Rabbi Brickner ( footage cuts off);
(00:14:45) Interruption of Council Hearing depicting taped footage from 1986 sitcom “One in a Million”;
(00:17:00) Return to hearing, continued speech from Rabbi Brickner, question from Councilman Noach Dear;
(00:17:49) WNYC Ken Auletta interviews Rabbi Levin;
(00:25:44) Speech from Greg DeSousa, President of N.Y Catholic Lawyers Guild;
(00:26:10) Speech from Serphin Maltese, Exec. Director of N.Y.S Conservative Party;
(00:30:16) Speech from Virginia Apuzzo, Deputy N.Y.S Protection Board, former Exec. Director of the National Gay Task Force;
(00:35:21) Commentary from WNYC, Ken Auletta;
(00:35:57) Speech from Joseph Meehan, N.Y County Catholic War Veterans;
(00:41:06) WNYC Ken Auletta interviews Assemblyman Herman Farrel;
(00:50:23) Speech from unknown speaker;
(00:51:43 ) Speech from Bob Grant, Television Talk Show Host / WABC Radio - question from Councilman Dreyfus;
(01:00:59) Speech from Assemblyman Herman Farrel;
(01:04:04) Speech from Arthur Leonard, representing the Bar Association of Human Rights, a Lesbian and Gay Rights Association;
(01:09:49) Speech from Robert Morganthau, Manhattan District Attorney, various questions from the Council Members;
(01:18:09) WNYC Ken Auletta interviews Virginia Apuzzo;
(01:25:46) Speech from unknown Catholic Father;
(01:26:34) Speech from Joy Sommerset;
(01:34:54) Commentary from WNYC, Ken Auletta;
(01:33:20) Speech from Marilyn Flood;
(01:36:26) Speech from Revered Butler, representing Manhattan’s Lower East Side Ministries;
(01:42:59) Speech from Andrew Humm ,Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Rights;
(01:43:42) WNYC Ken Auletta interviews Peter Vallone, Majority Leader of the City Council;
(01:52:47) Speech from John Anderson, questions from Councilman Dreyfus;
(02:01:18) Speech from David Dinkins, Borough President of Manhattan;
(02:04:58) Speech from Sister Jeannie Gramick, School SIster of Notre Dame, representing the National Coalition of American Nuns;
(02:08:29) WNYC Ken Auletta interviews Susan Molinari, Councilwoman;
(02:10:50) Beginning of speech from Revered Plunkett;
(02:12:27) WNYC Ken Auletta interviews Samuel Horwitz, Committee Chairman;
(02:21:28) Speech from Brena Allen, representing Catholic Ministries;
(02:24:57) WNYC Ken Auletta interviews Councilman Noach Dear;
(02:29:20) Footage is cut off.


Gay rights
Sexual orientation
Legislative bodies
Civil rights
Human rights
Religious institutions
Lesbian community
Gay community
New York City (N.Y.)
Public-access Television
Gay liberation movement
Nineteen eighties


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