Gay Morning America, Season 2, Show 12 (1985-02-01)


Gay Morning America, Season 2, Show 12 (1985-02-01)
Show order:
(00:00:00) Opening Credits: George Sardi, Johnny Savoy, Johnny Pool, Lord Byron, Leslie Irons, and Jerry Fitzpatrick. Special guests: J.T. Denver and special scenes from Gay Morning America's "famous night" at the Copacabana;
(00:01:29) George Sardi - Opening;
(00:04:25) Johnny Savoy presenting Community News - "Self-Defense is a Scream" seminar at the Gay Community Center, Hotlines!, interview with J.T. Denver, porn star;
(00:10:57) Peeches Three commercial;
(00:12:06) The Follies commercial;
(00:13:31) George Sardi telling jokes;
(00:15:23) Lord Byron - discusses meeting J.T. Denver, morning exercise;
(00:20:05) Gay Morning America invitation for viewers to write-in (address provided: Gay Morning America, C/O Metro-Access Studios, 110 East 23rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10010); (00:20:28) The Monster commercial;
(00:22:04) George Sardi - history lesson on the 30th anniversary of "the completion of the naval reserve officer Thomas J. Keane," who walked every street, avenue and alley of Manhattan, telling puns and jokes;
(00:24:16) Leslie Irons, retelling the strange circumstances around how George Sardi came out and how Irons met Sardi; discusses performances at Waverly Waverly;
(00:30:25) Big Wok Restaurant Row commercial;
(00:31:51) George Sardi - Review of the Gay Engagement Calendar 1985;
(00:33:48) Cocktail Recipes with Johnny Pool - demonstrates how to make a New Year champagne cocktail
(00:39:30) Waverly Waverly commercial;
(00:40:30) The Big Dish commercial;
(00:41:58) George Sardi recommending the Connection, "one of the better newspapers" for the gay population, review of the book the Royal Feud;
(00:44:10) Lord Byron introducing tape of Gay Morning America cast visiting the Copacabana; (00:45:15) Gay Morning America visits the Copacabana;
(00:55:40) George Sardi - "the biggest lies of 1985" and signing off with Lord Byron;
(00:57:21) Closing credits;
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